Helping Animals Almanzora

Registered Charity No. 5242 / Cif No GO4741286

Ready to Adopt?
If you have found your way onto this page then we trust you have thought through and discussed adopting a dog or cat with all family members in the household and are ready to fully commit to a new family member

You must be 21 or older to adopt from us. If you are in a rental property then we will require proof that animals are accepted in your rental home. We do adopt abroad but in most cases only if rescue backup is available. A homecheck will also need to be carried out which we can arrange via an international network of homecheckers.

Should your homecheck be successful you will be required to sign an adoption contract. If you are adopting a puppy you will be required to neuter before one year of age and must not breed from the rescue dog.

We have a minimum donation requirement of 70 euros per puppy. The donation amount for an adult dog is 120 Euros. We are a non profit organisation. We ask that the majority (not all) of the costs are covered by way of a donation. This helps cover full vaccinations, chip, passport, blood test for leish and tick fever, worming, flea and tick treatment, and in the case of adult dogs neutering. Cat/Kitten adoption fee is 40 euros.

In the case of a dog/puppy travelling out of the country. The transport will be organised by us and paid direct from adopter to transporter. Generally the cost to transport to the UK is around 250 euros but could be more depending on where in the country the destination is. Other destination costs given on request. We arrange the paperwork/Traces paperwork and health check which is included for free in your adoption fee

If you are ready to apply for adoption then please contact us in the first instance via email to stating which rescue you are interested in with basic details about yourself, homelife, family, other pets etc. Or you can also contact us via our FB page