Helping Animals Almanzora

Registered Charity No. 5242 / Cif No GO4741286

Foster Homes Needed

So you are not sure you want the long term commitment of adopting a dog or cat?

Then why not consider fostering instead?

Sometimes people feel they could not foster as they would get too attached and find it upsetting to let them go. The argument there is it better for you to have a few tears knowing you have saved a life and helped that animal on its way to a better life or for you to avoid a few tears and that animal never gets the chance of having the life he deserves? Most people who end up fostering do find it very rewarding.
Fostering is not a lifetime commitment, it is a commitment to saving a life

All vet and food expenses are covered by the rescue.

If you feel you can offer a little room in your home and love in your heart then please contact us. We always need foster homes.