Helping Animals Almanzora

Registered Charity No. 5242 / Cif No GO4741286

Puppies for Adoption.

If you are considering adopting a puppy please make sure you have thought it through and discussed it in depth with every member of the household. Puppies are hard work, they require training and commitment....a lifetime commitment. Consider your lifestyle and how that puppy will fit in with it. Consider the breed traits of that puppy and the energy/activity levels he will have and need. Consider the vet bills - the bigger the dog, the bigger the bills.
If you are not prepared to put in the effort of training and caring for a puppy correctly then please don't adopt one
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Please Note: We will absolutely entertain adoptions outside of Spain, however, we will first only consider adoptions within Spain until they reach 12 weeks old. If you are outside Spain and wish to express an interest in adopting one of our younger pups then please contact us so we can give you first option on waiting list. If the puppy is still available at 12 weeks we will reserve overseas pending a satisfactory homecheck.